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Sweet Charity

Audition Notice

Show Dates: November 22nd – November 24th

Audition Dates: June 23rd  – 27th @ The Players Studio

All Roles are available

Production Team

Director: Cheti Davis

Musical Director: Judy Hayward

Choreographer: Lara Hyde

Producers: Pam Bowen, Barbara Woodman, Wayland Bunnell, Allwynne Fine

Breakdown of Auditions

Monday June 17th  – Information Night 

  • 6:30 pm Information Session & Introduction to the Dance Style

Sunday June 23rd – Charity and Featured Dancers Audition 

  • 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm review dance combination
  • 6:00 pm – Dance Auditions in Small Groups

Monday and Tuesday June 24th – 25th @  

  • Open Call Auditions. Doors open @ 5:30 pm
    • Choreographer will begin to teach movement choreography. You will be moving together in small groups prior to singing.
    • 6:30 pm – We will begin to hear Singers. Please prepare 16 bars of your favorite song. Any style and genre will be accepted at this audition.  You may bring clearly marked Sheet Music for our accompanist, MP3, or sing acapella.  For those who sing acapella you will be asked to sing some musical scales with the piano to match pitch and to check vocal range.

Wednesday June 26th 

  • Call Backs 6:00 pm (INVITATION ONLY)
    • Times TBD. You will be called back based on the roles you are being considered for and times will vary. You will be notified via phone and email.
    • Please note that if you aren’t called back, that doesn’t mean you haven’t been cast.

Show Synopsis – Click here


Charity Hope Valentine (30s-40s): Down-on-her-luck, but always hopeful, dance-hall hostess who dreams of finding true love. 

Helene (20s-40s): Sultry and sassy dancer at the Fandango Ballroom and one of Charity’s best friends. Mezzo with a ballsy sound and a good dancer. 

Nickie (30s-40s): Brassy New Yorker, dancer at the Fandango Ballroom, and Charity’s best friend. Mezzo with a strong belt and a good dancer.

Vittorio Vidal (30s-40s): Italian movie star.  Has a way with the ladies and a hot-headed girlfrieddddd, named Ursula.

Oscar Lindquist (30s-40s): A square and claustrophobic accountant with a sweet nature and a gentle touch. Baritone.

Herman (30s-70s): Grizzled and sleezy owner of the Fandango Ballroom, but with a heart of gold.  Seeking a strong Tenor.

Ursula March (20s-40s): Hot headed and jealous wife of Italian movie star, Vittorio Vidal. Has quite a flair for the dramatic.  Will double as several roles in Act 2. Seeking a strong and versatile comedic actress and a good mover.

Daddy Brubeck (20s-50s): A groovy and hip cat who starts the Rhythm of Life revival church. Think Sammy Davis Jr., if Sammy was a flower child and loved acid. Seeking a strong voice with a gospel feel.  Role is being considered to be played either male or female.

Carmen (20s-50s): Brassy dancer at the Fandango Ballroom. Very sarcastic. Good comedic actress. Must be a good dancer.

Rosie (18+): The hot new girl at the Fandango Ballroom.  Fresh off the bus, but whip smart and easily corrupted.

Suzanne, Frenchy, Betsy, Elaine (20s-50s): The featured dance hall hostesses at the Fandango Ballroom.  All must be strong character actors who can move.  A grizzled and tired bunch, working at a dead end job in Times Square.  Lots and lots and lots of attitude.

Ensemble Roles (20s-50s): Good comedic character actors who can play multiple featured roles with ease.  Will play multiple featured characters as well as potentially dance in Big Spender, Rich Man’s Frug, Rhythm of Life, and I’m a Brass Band.