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Greetings Everyone,

The Community Players always has been, and especially is right now, personal for me.

I joined The Players in 1983 as a totally inexperienced set designer for our first production of Annie, directed by Allwynne Fine. It astounded me that this big, long-standing theatre troupe would welcome me with open arms to do this job and many many people stepped up to help. That work brought me such joy, creativity, and satisfaction, not to mention life-long friends. It taught me that The Players, our audiences and patrons were a community.

The group became a second near-full-time endeavor for me ever since. With the support of many mentors, I learned everything from set building to stage managing to directing. I took on more responsibilities off stage in the leadership of the organization, created systems that helped us move forward and thrive and was president for five and a half years, four of them in a row. Every volunteer has this kind of story, not just me.

The pandemic still has us all in its grip, and to say it worries me is a major understatement. The Players had to cancel all productions in 2020, our February play for 2021, and postponed our January production at Hatbox Theatre. As the cases and infections rise, I worry about both our short- and long-term future. I mean I deeply worry, for both the safety of everyone, and the survival of The Players.

Theaters world-wide are struggling, many are closing. Without ticket sale income, we are compelled to reach out once again for support to help sustain us until we can safely do what we love: bring entertainment, stories, and inspiration to area audiences with live theatre for both adults and youth. It’s something we have done for 93 years.


In June, I reached out, reluctantly, to all my business customers who did not know I was involved in theatre, telling The Players story, hoping for their support. I also sent pictures of some of our productions (shown at right!).

Tim from Alabama immediately sent a donation with this note: “I am an avid theater-goer and I knew that “angels” kept many a production I enjoyed from going under. There’s so much need but nothing really screamed out to me until your email because you actually took the time for me to see what would be lost. I hope you can stay afloat because the arts are going to be the only thing that saves humanity from itself!”

We are so very grateful for all the donations in the spring, and hope you can continue at some level, or become a new donor to us. We need everyone’s help to ensure the longevity of this beloved organization. Together, we can weather this storm and look forward to the day when we can all gather again for live theatre. Until then, stay safe, stay well, and enjoy the Holiday Season!


Wayland Bunnell
Annual Fund Drive Chair
Vice President
(603) 668-5466  wtarrytown@aol.com

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