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Directed by Wayland Bunnell

New dates!  May 6-8, 2022
Concord City Auditorium
Concord, NH

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Nat Paradis is a Red Sox-loving part-time dad who manages Paradis’ Last Convenient Store, the last convenient place to get gas—or anything—before the Canadian border to the north and the North Maine Woods to the west. When an old flame returns to town, Nat gets a chance to rekindle a romance he gave up on years ago. But sparks fly as he’s forced to choose between new love and old. LAST GAS takes a hilarious and heartbreakingly hard look at love lost and found, and at what it means to “get back to happy.”

Cast List

Nat Paradis: Patrick McGranaghan
Troy Paridis-Pulcifer: Ryan Flaherty
Dwight Paradis: Eric Stanley
Guy Gagnon: Jerry Smith
Cherry-Tracy Pulcifer: Heather Carmichael
Lureen Legassey Soloway: Suzanne Watts


Next Spring at the Hatbox

Gutenberg! logo

Featuring Doug Schwarz and David Peck
with Brandon Buteau on piano

May 20-22, 2022
Friday & Saturday @ 7:30 pm / Sunday @ 2:00 pm
Hatbox Theatre
Concord, NH

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Yes, it really is a show about Johann Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press. But it’s also about Bud and Doug, two wannabe playwrights who’ve written a show about Gutenberg — a show they’re convinced is the best musical ever written, ever! Now they’re doing a showcase for some really big Broadway producers. But can two guys with no set, no costumes and a handful of props stage an entire Broadway show? They can sure have fun trying!


Directed by Elizabeth Lent

June 17-26, 2022
Fridays & Saturdays @ 7:30 pm / Sundays @ 2:00 pm
Hatbox Theatre
Concord, NH

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In The Bald Soprano, a classic of modern theatre, a clock chimes seventeen times for seemingly no reason at all, the doorbell rings but there are no visitors, and the bald soprano never changes her hairstyle. A hilarious and unique satire on modern life by Eugene Ionesco, known as the father of Theatre of the Absurd, this is a theatre experience in which non-sequiturs fly, people talk to each other at cross purposes getting nowhere, and the concept of time is turned on its head. This thought provoking  tour-de-force of linguistic acrobatics about modern communication or the lack thereof is sure to delight.