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Main Stage 2016/2017 – Our 89th Season!

The Community Players presents it’s 89th season featuring

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October 14 at 7 pm & 15 at 2 pm

Directed by Karen Braz

Often called “Kaguya Hime” (Glittering Lady), the story of the Shining Princess is one of Japan’s best-known and most beloved tales. The earliest written version was produced a thousand years ago and is believed to be the oldest piece of fiction in Japanese literature.

The tale tells the story of Moonbeam, mysterious daughter of the Moon King. She is hidden as a tiny babe inside a magically glowing bamboo, to be discovered on the night of the August Moon by the childless Bamboo Cutter. The play presents the comedy and adventure of Moonbeam’s bumbling suitors; the startling revelation of her true identity; and finally, Moonbeam’s bittersweet departure from her earthly loved ones. The soundtrack combines traditional Japanese music and instruments with fanciful sound effects.


“A Caribbean Musical Masquerade”

November 18, 19 at 7:30 pm & 20 at 2 pm

Directed by Bryan Halperin

Book & Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens; Music by Stephen Flaherty

This Olivier Award-winning musical tells the story of Ti Moune, a poor island girl who falls in love with a wealthy boy from the other side of her island. The gods who preside over the island make a bet, to determine which is stronger, love or death, and use Ti Moune as a pawn in their game. Ti Moune’s fate breaks the walls which separate her society and ultimately unites it.

With wonderful Calypso-inspired music, joyous dancing, and a timely message about how arbitrary differences often divide humans unnecessarily, this show by the Tony Award-winning team of Ahrens and Flaherty (Ragtime, Seussical) marks an exciting debut for first-time Players director Bryan Halperin. Music director, Troy Lucia.

Ti Moune – Sheree Owens
Daniel Beauxhomme – Benjamin Hunton
Tonton Julian/Red Cross Worker – Angelo Gentile
Mama Euralie/Red Cross Worker – Kathy Hodges
Papa Ge – Darik Vélez
Asaka – Amy Weston
Agwe – Mario Arruda
Erzulie – Jillian Spring
Andrea Devereaux -Karielle Anzaldi
The Little Girl – Janney Halperin
Little Ti Moune/Peasant/Grands Homme – River Vélez
The Little Boy/Grands Homme/Peasant- Rigel Vélez
Daniel’s Father /Grands Homme/Peasant – Greg O’Brien
Armand/Grands Homme/Peasant – Charles Wallace
Armand’s wife/Grands Homme/Peasant – Lauren Shelby Douglas
Gatekeeper/Grands Homme/Peasant – Greg Fischer
Peasants/Grand Hommes:
Cheri  Birch, Marissa Gast, Katie Griffiths, Tess Hodges, Rose Marie Joly, Nora McBurnett, Hannah McCauley, Elizabeth Vélez
Grands Homme/Peasants:
Tajoura Davis, Michelle Emmond, Donna Julian, Nancy Rosen, Patte Sarausky


February 10, 11 at 7:30 pm & 12 at 2 pm

Directed by Pat Delzell


Noises Off! is quite simply one of the funniest plays ever written!

A second-rate theatre company is muddling through their final dress rehearsal of a hilarious, fast-moving farce. Tensions mount with missed cues, slamming doors, misplaced plates of sardines, a dim-witted bimbo, an axe-wielding jealous lover, and other comic catastrophes! Everything that CAN go wrong DOES go wrong — and that’s only the rehearsal!

As the show goes into actual performance we watch in mounting hysterical horror as it spins further and further out of control — both on stage and backstage — until its final, inevitable meltdown!  “… spectacularly funny … a festival of delirium!” — The New York Times

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dclogoMay 5, 6 at 7:30 pm & 7 at 2 pm

Directed by Wayland Bunnell

It’s Christmas Eve, 2004, and the Wyeth family gathers in Palm Springs, California. Parents Polly and Lyman were highly regarded in old Hollywood circles, and admired by Republicans for their service to the party and friendship with Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

Eldest daughter and promising novelist Brooke is home for the holidays, bearing her new manuscript — a memoir that exposes the personal lives and long-hidden secrets of this very private family. Brooke’s argument for, and her parents’ arguments against, publication shred the family’s Christmas Eve and threaten its very survival. A “must see” play!