December 4, 2023


Contact: Sharon Sweet, Volunteer Board Member     (603) 491-5432

CONCORD –Christmas came early for The Community Players of Concord, NH. Last year a very generous, anonymous donor came forward to assist the group in setting up an investment fund that will help to ensure the continued longevity of the nearly 100 year-old organization .

The Players, one of New England’s oldest all-volunteer theatre companies, has been in existence since 1927 and over the course of ninety-six seasons has endured the most difficult of times: wars, the Great Depression, and most recently a pandemic. When asked about the key to their longevity, President Ellen Burger credits “the loyalty and generosity of the Concord community.”

The mentioned donor came forward in 2022 with a proposal to help the group establish an investment account containing a minimum of $100,000 that will remain invested to provide a source of continuing income through earnings and appreciation into the group’s “next 100 years,” according to Burger. To get the plan off the ground, the donor pledged a matching gift of $50,000, challenging the Players to raise the rest, meaning another $50,000, to claim all of the pledged funds.

The all-volunteer organization has named the effort “A Fund for the Players” and though they have already raised over half of what they need to meet the challenge, Burger says that “the work isn’t over until we hit the $50,000 fundraising mark, which we hope to do before our annual meeting in June 2024.” She added that “We are grateful to be a part of this wonderful community that has supported us for the past ninety-six years and we appreciate the support we are receiving for this exciting new initiative. Gifts to A Fund for the Players are an investment in the Players’ future that will provide substantial continuing support for us as we continue to deliver on our mission to encourage, foster and promote the participation by amateurs in all phases of the theatrical arts.”

Gifts to A Fund for the Players can be made at: