To be placed on a waiting list in the event that a spot becomes available, please contact director Karen Braz at

The Community Players of Concord, NH


is pleased to offer our annual WINTER VACATION THEATRE CAMP





Director: Karen Braz

Music Director: Geraldine Veroneau

Choreographer: Caleb Anderson  

When/Where:  Camp will run from Sunday, February 25 to Friday, March 1 at the Players’ Studio and the Concord City Auditorium.

       Sunday, February 25, at the Players Studio, 435 Josiah Bartlett Road, Concord, NH, from 12:00 to 3:00 pm

       Monday to Thursday, February 26-29, at the Players Studio, from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

       Friday, March 1, at the Concord City Auditorium, 2 Prince Street, Concord, NH — Performance begins at  6:30 pm!

Who: Young actors ages 8 to 18 years old of all experience levels

What: Our theatre camp offers young people the chance to work on their musical theatre performance skills — singing, acting, and dancing — as we rehearse a Broadway Junior show (Fiddler on the Roof Jr.) each day.  Then we move to the City Auditorium for the final day of preparing our show for a performance free of charge that evening for family and friends!

Cost: $200 (Players Member) / $225 (Nonmember). Become a member now on our Membership page!

To register: Please download our Registration Form for mailing by clicking here.  Financial assistance may be available – see details on form. Sorry, online registration is not available. Registration is by regular mail only.

For directions to the Players Studio and the Concord City Auditorium, click here.

Questions? Feel free to email director Karen Braz at



This special adaptation of the nine-time Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, Fiddler on the Roof JR. follows Tevye the milkman as he tries to protect his daughters and his way of life from a changing world.  

Set in the little village of Anatevka, the story centers on Tevye, a poor dairyman, and his five daughters. With the help of a colorful and tight-knit Jewish community, Tevye tries to marry off his three oldest daughters and instill in them a sense of tradition in the face of growing anti-Semitism in Czarist Russia.




Tevye is the heart and conscience of Fiddler on the Roof Jr. Tevye has a strong sense of integrity and zest for life. Tevye experiences a wide range of emotions throughout the show: conflict, joy, and pain. The actor needs to be comfortable speaking directly to the audience and must develop a comfortable rapport with them. The actor does not need to have a great singing voice, but he must have a strong, easily projected voice.

Gender: Male


Golde is the backbone of the family. She has a rather gruff exterior, but in her heart is sheer dedication to her family. She runs the household and must be able to keep Tevye’s more emotional side in check. Conversely, she should be able to show a softer side when dealing with Chava and Tevye’s. rift. She, like Tevye, does not need to be the greatest singer in the world but should have a commanding voice.

Gender: Female


Tzeitel is the oldest daughter of Tevye and Golde. She is the first to challenge the traditions of Anatevka by pleading with her father to let her marry Motel the tailor, to whom she has pledged her love. She is the oldest daughter, is determined and can manipulate her father. 

Gender: Female


Hodel is the strong, independent second child. She is outspoken but respectful. She has her eye on the Rabbi’s son at the outset of the story, but she is charmed by the revolutionary Perchick the moment she meets him, though she may not show it right away. Her dedication and love are real as she follows him to Siberia.

Gender: Female


Chava is the third, scholarly daughter who loves to read. Her love for the Russian, Fyedka, tests her father to the very limit and provides the largest conflict in the story.

Gender: Female

Shprintze and Bielke

Shprintze and Bielke are the youngest daughters of Tevye and Golde. They are considerably younger than the three teenaged daughters. They have a few lines and are featured in quite a few scenes. 

Gender: Female


Motel is the poor, young tailor who is charmed by Tzeitel. He is an endearing character –   sensitive and nervous around Tevye, yet lovable.

Gender: Male


Perchik is a young student who brings with him to Anatevka radical new ideas that challenge the traditions of the community. Perchik should be able to hold his own with Tevye. He is a strong character, and clashes with Tevye idealistically, but is likable, charming, and ultimately becomes a loyal family member.

Gender: Male

Lazar Wolf

Lazar Wolf is a butcher, the town’s wealthiest citizen and is the same age as, if not older than, Tevye. Lazar wishes to marry Tzeitel, and must appear rather distasteful and feisty, which is why Tzeitel is frightened to marry him. Lazar is one of the featured singers in “To Life”.

Gender: Male


The Fiddler must be an actor who can hold the attention of an entire audience with stylized movement, facial expressions, and dance. The Fiddler is a silent role, yet an important one, and can easily be played by either a boy or a girl. The actor cast in this role can also be cast in another role in other scenes.

Gender: Any


Yente is the middle-aged widow who matches up the young people of the village in hopes that they will marry. She is a village busybody and knows all the news of the town. This part of the matchmaker is a comedic role.

Gender: Female


The constable is the local sheriff representing the Russian government. The constable is a complex character, caught between his good nature towards the people of Anatevka and his duty to the non-Jewish Russian government. This is a non-singing role that requires a strong actor. The actor playing this role may also be cast in a second role in other scenes.

Gender: Male


Fyedka is a strong, young, Russian soldier who falls in love with Chava. This is a great role for a strong actor.

Gender: Male

Featured Ensemble

Mordcha, Yussel, Avram, the Rabbi and Mendel are smaller roles that add much to the richness of the community portrayed in Fiddler on the Roof Jr. Mordcha is a friendly, interesting innkeeper. Yussel is a hatter. Avram is a bookseller. Mendel is the Rabbi’s son. The Rabbi is the spiritual center of the community, and the actor should be able to play an old man onstage. He should have a comic feel, although this is a serious role. All these roles have a short part in “To Life” that can be spoken or sung.

Gender: Male


The Villagers portray the people of the village as Papas, Mamas, Sons, or Daughters. Also included in this group are the Guests, Inn Patrons, Motel’s Parents and Motel’s Relations. In addition, the roles of First Man, Second Man, Another Man, First Woman, Second Woman and Third Woman are Villagers who all have spoken lines as featured performers. This large group of characters are the faces of Anatevka. 

Gender: Any

Russian Soldiers

The Russian Soldiers are under the command of the Constable. Sasha has two short lines, and all the Russians sing together.

Gender: Male


Song list

  • Tradition – Tevye and the Villagers/Families of Anatevka
  • Matchmaker – Tzeitel, Hodel & Chava
  • If I Were a Rich Man – Tevye 
  • Sabbath Prayer – Tevye’s Family, Guests & Villagers
  • To Life – Tevye, Lazar Wolf and Villagers (includes dance number)
  • Sunrise, Sunset – Tevye, Golde and Villagers
  • Wedding Dance – Villagers and Featured Dancers (includes the Bottle Dance)
  • Do You Love Me? – Tevye and Golde
  • Far From the Home I Love – Hodel
  • Anatevka – Villagers and Families of Anatevka